1975/07 Born at Maebashi city, Gunma prefecture

1994/04 Started my windsurfing career(IMCO) at Tohoku University Windsurfing Club.

1996/11 Miserably defeated at all-Japan college competition :-p

1998/02 Impressed by slalom windsurfing at Bolakay island and got addicted to it!!

1998/03@Graduated from Tohoku University.

1998/04 Proceeded to Graduate School of Tohoku University (Faculty of Engineering).

2000/03 Acquired Master of Engineering. Graduate School of Tohoku University.

2000/04 Started working at a CAD software company at Hamamatsu city, Shizuoka prefecture.

2000/04 Changed my "home beach" to Lake Hamana.

2008/11 Resigned from the CAD software company.

2009/02 Launched Samadhi-Lab as a private laboratory, all of a sudden.

2011/04 Work in one huge motor industry as a technical expert, but continuing Samadhi-Lab.

Results of the past races


5th prize : open A men's class, 6th Pizzala Qua'aina Cup

1st prize : Annual ranking of JCBA EAST SLALOM Men's 7.5


2nd prize : Annual ranking of JCBA SLALOM Series Men's Slalom Class


3rd prize : Open class, JPW Amateur Super Slalom


4th prize : Garam Speed Dash 2009 in Lake Motosu